The Importance Of Using The Correct Latte Pitcher / Milk Jug - Version 2.0 (2020) Updated Edition

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Everyone has their own views on which Latte Pitcher / Milk Jug is better or not so good for frothing etc.


Product Terminology -

--->> Before I go on I have to mention because you may have noticed or may not have noticed that we always go between the product terms Latte Pitcher, Milk Jug, Milk Pitcher or Frothing Pitcher just because in different Countries or States the product names are a little different.  In Melbourne (Australia) we refer to them as Milk Jugs most of the time. (Please correct me if I'm wrong!!)  In this blog post I'll be referring to them as Latte Pitchers as more people around the globe go by that product name.



Different Brands and Types - 

There are so many different brands and types of Latte Pitchers that I guess everyone has their go to favourites as it works in their favour when it comes to frothing good milk.  Some people might not be fussed on what Pitchers they use but most experienced Baristas will have a go to favourite in the workplace.. or have their own which they prefer using.


What Latte Pitcher I prefer to use - 

I personally prefer a Stainless Steel Latte Pitcher with a thin frame and standard shaped, the jug shape which most people use.  I find that it is actually very comfortable to hold.  


  • This type of Stainless Steel shaves a few seconds off the frothing of your milk because of its thin frame.  It allows you to froth your milk and get it to the correct consistency whilst the heat absorbs and distributes around the bottom of the jug.
  • Comfortable to hold as it's light in weight.
  • Dishwasher safe / Rust proof 
  • Easy to pour milk with, has and great shaped spout for Latte Art
  • Come in 350ml and 600ml sizes



>>> Pitcher with thinner width frame, high grade stainless steel



Barista Space Collection 1.0 - Multicolour 



Importance of selecting and or using the correct Latte Pitcher - 

It's each to their own when selecting or using a Latte Pitcher, if it works for you then stick with it and go with it.  If your getting great consistent milk which you can work with then continue to use the Pitcher that you're using. 


-->> There is no harm in trying other shaped Pitchers like the 'bell' shaped type or Pitchers that have a thicker lighter frame just to see and understand how it impacts your steaming/frothing ability. 


In most cases the smaller the jug, the better the milk.  Some Beginners or less experienced Baristas may find it difficult sometimes to use the small jug (350ml size) because it heats up quickly and they haven't had a chance to get their milk at their desired texture.  All in good time!... as they say practice makes perfect!

I say the smaller the jug the better the milk only because I personally find that you make less errors in over frothing your milk as apposed to when your using a bigger jug like the 600ml because it can be a little harder to judge sometimes when you're under the pump.. there is some how a little more room for error if you accidentally add in that tiny bit of extra milk.  In all honesty there are many factors as to why you may get the wrong ratio of froth.


-->> No matter how experienced you are, we are only human and we all make mistakes!.....................  If you're really unhappy with you're milk, start over.. especially if its for a regular customer of yours.


Product: These Milk Jug Pitchers are Customised with our personal Logo on them.  If you'd like to personalised your own Milk Jugs please contact us.  We have many other colours also. Just fill out our form on our 'Conctact Us' page -


The Barista Space Multicolour Jugs are definitely the type of product you do that double head turn for because of their beautiful stand out colour.  They're everything that I just mentioned above and more, you'll see what I mean once you use them.  These are our go to Latte Pitchers and if you want them to  be yours, you can pick up some in our store now.  They come in 350ml and 600ml sizes.






Barista Space Collection 1.0 Late Pitcher Milk Jugs from Coffee Bean Comrades

Several colours available - 




Titanium Black



Rose Gold / All Black / White / Bronze - Coming soon - Please Contact Us if you require these colours.

After almost over a year 'Barista Space' have released the Titanium Red colour we have been asking and waiting for!!




Experience the same feeling a lot of other Baristas and high end Champion Baristas are experiencing today by getting your hands on these beauties. Purchase them from Coffee Bean Comrades.  We Ship Worldwide - FREE SHIPPING



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