What makes you want to walk into that cafe? - Ambience (A quick experiment)

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What's "that thing" that makes you want to walk into a Cafe or Coffee Shop? πŸ₯ Is it that easy as that Croissant you just saw in the window? β˜• You don't care, you just need caffeine
😌 Is it that Coffee aroma that just gets you all the time...?
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ Is it because they're a Speciality Cafe?

Yes it can be all of the above, more importantly alot of us need to feel a certain vibe to get us to walk into a place. The ambience of a place instantly either reels you in or it can make you just keep walking.Β 


-The Rustic elements
-The dark & woody tones.
-The dim lighting
-Plantation -Your choice of furniture pieces
-Your food presentation/display
-The decor and those personal nik naks ... These ALL contribute to the mood/vibe you're putting out in you're environment.

Do an experiment! Change one aspect of all or some of the things above and see what it does for your workplace. See if customers notice and see what kind of feedback you recieve. You may be surprised by the outcome! πŸ‘

There will be more upcoming blog posts in early 2020 focusing in and around this area

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