Working on maximising your potential daily revenue

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..:Working on maximising your potential daily revenue:..



Ok, I understand....

Sometimes when you're making the same estimated revenue and you're content with the profit you become somewhat blind and complacent because you've become too comfortable with how the business is running. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this although why stop there? Why not try going next level and bringing in more revenue?  Why should you miss out on other great potential revenue opportunities. Challenge yourself more!


Don't stop, this way you continuously stay motivated and goal driven. If you're still soaring with passion for the industry/for your job, then keep going and put it to good use... use it to your benefit




[ The beauty of these revenue opportunities is that most of them are right in front of you staring at you in the face, you just need to learn how to maximise utilizing the tools you already have. ]


Being in the industry for 15+ years I have seen a number of ways and ideas a Cafe or Restaurant business can bring in more revenue.  Sometimes if you're in the same position or job for a while it's a little bit harder to come out with new ideas ... that's where fresh eyes from new staff members or hiring a Business Coach/Mentor can really help out!




Things that may help you to reach and to maximise those new potential revenue goals -

  • Ask you're staff members for suggestions on new things they'd like to see or things they think may work for the establishment.

  • Listen to your customers, always! If they want something, introduce it to the workplace... you never know it may be an idea that just may work nicely and if it doesn't you can always scrap the idea or keep it minimal for your regulars that ask.

  • Keep up with the new trends of the industry.  How? Look at Social Media, read blogs, visit new outlets. Stay in the know so you too can introduce some of them to the business. 

  • Build on the services you're already offering (this is a big one! We'll be emailing our subscribers with effective tips and hint, later this month so make sure you subscribe with us)

  • Look at partnering up with your nearby business neighbors to start some new deals and promotions which will be beneficial to both of you.  May bring in a new potential crowd/demographic which it hasn't before.

  • Go through your Menu and products and see which areas could benefit with a price increase.  It's always good to be par with your competitors, that way it sets the bar and its fair. (Subscribe for more pricing hints. later this month)

  • Work with your staff and initiate some extra training. Suggest ideas which may help them achieve those extra sales goals. E'g Upselling, One liners before closing off, getting to know regulars etc.

  • Make it a habit to refresh your menu every 6-12months.  Keep rotating your food/beverage specials menu so customers don't get bored. Come out with some new promotions regularly.

  • Change your display and move your products around. Introduce new products, customers crave new things, colour, an updated fresh look. Reel in some new excitement for them.

  • Use an A-Frame (the chalk board which sits outside your shop entrance.) Write something fun, advertise products or services etc. Get a reaction from people or potential new customers who are walking past. Be creative.

  • Verbally promote new products so customers are aware of new items, be extra persuasive to get those on the spot sales. Physically promote new products by offering some taste testers.

  • Contact near by business', drop off some flyers or vouchers and let them know about your business or services you offer. Offer them special introductory prices or another similar incentive to drop in.

  • Get your name out there, Sponsor events or clubs.  Look after them and they'll look after you.  May bring in a different demographic, frequent group bookings, larger party events etc


There are so many things you can do to bring in more revenue to the business.

Here we have some great starting off ideas you can use.  Don't hesitate..start today!

Be creative, look inside the box rather than outside the box and learn to maximise utilizing the tools you already have.


Need some assistance?  Click on 'book an appointment' on our webstore to get further help from one of our Coaches/Industry Mentors. One off sessions and monthly unlimited session packages are available.

Investing in some training or 24/7 Contact support access with us will guide you through and prepare you for the new roads ahead.



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