Latte Pitchers | Milk jugs

What kind of Latte Pitcher should you buy? Everyone has a personal preference on what kind of Latte Pitcher they prefer to use when frothing milk.

Pitchers with a thinner steel frame, a thicker frame, light weight ones and heavier ones, we have one for everybody.

 *Keep in my mind if you decide to go with a thicker frame it does take a little longer to steam milk although it does give you a little extra time to get your milk consistency right.

* Thinner frames will steam your milk a little quicker and you have less time to stretch your milk.  It really comes down to personal preference.

TIP: if you’re buying Milk Jug Pitchers for your workplace we recommend buying a set of Pitchers from the same collection so that you can perfect your milk in what ever jug you need to pick up and use at the time, as it has the same wall steel thickness etc and you don’t need to overthink on how to steam your milk.

For Domestic coffee machines we recommend not buying jugs bigger than 600ml as steam power is limited on most Domestic machines. A 600ml Milk Pitcher is the max recommended size.

Spout size is also something to consider when choosing the correct Pitcher, you may like a more narrow spout or a wider one but really it all depends on your personal preference. We find that using a Pitcher with a more narrow spout is better for Latte art.

Check out our Latte Pitchers and find the one for you.  


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