About Us

We are Coffee aficionados. We live and breathe Coffee. 

Why was this website/store created? 

`1) To educate and let others be able to get their hands on equipment, utensils and various products which can be used at home or for business use. We want you to also have access to the products that get us excited.

2) To start up a conversation about coffee by viewing our products and reading our blog posts

3) To let others in on our brand - Coffee  Bean Comrades / CBC

4) To get others inspired and to become just as "Coffeeassionate" as we are! (translation: Passionate about coffee) 


The meaning of CBC -

Coffee Bean Comrades is our definition of Coffee fanatics or Baristas who follow Coffee Bean, Coffee trends and or Cafe trends...


Why the logo design?


The Star - The Founder/Owners favourite symbol.  They wanted to incorporate a piece of them self in the logo design.

Website link addition on logo - So others know where to find us! cbcomrades.net of course!

Milk jug/Latte pitcher image on logo - This is a website built around all things coffee and coffee related products so adding a Milk Jug was perfect.  Incorporating the Milk Jug in the logo as if we just poured milk and spelled the words Coffee Bean Comrades !


Where is CBC based?

Melbourne, Australia  (The city of coffee obsessed people)

Just because we are based in Australia that doesn't stop us from shipping our products worldwide!


We deal with suppliers from many different countries, from Australia, Turkey, China, Japan, Italy, United States and even Germany. Some of our products may be directly shipped from the supplier to reach to you. Please allow some of our products 4 - 5 weeks to arrive to you.  We do our best to get all of our products delivered to you as quick as possible. Please understand some items may take a little longer for shipping.


What we look to achieve..

To keep others in the loop of all things coffee, if that means products, blog posts, new trends etc. / Products which we believe in.

To help others with their Cafe/Restaurant business.  Sharing tips or ideas on areas they're struggling with. /  Creating Coffee start up kits for new business'.

To release future 'Coffee Bean Comrades' products which we love and want to share with the world.  [  We have big plans but with all good plans, it takes some careful thought and planning..... we aren't in a hurry, we wont be going anywhere anytime soon! :)  ]


Loredana Incani - Founder / Owner of Coffee Bean Comrades (Melbourne, Australia)

~~ Coffee is the second most consumed drink after water. It's a Coffee world out there! ~~



Coffee Bean Comrades is a registered business.

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