Cold Drip Ice Syphon Coffee Pot Maker - Dutch Style 8 cup

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Package Included
1 x coffee pot

- The heat-resistant glass, high transparency, clear drip coffee.
- Long time low temperature extraction, can be stored for a long time.
- Cold water natural water pressure, to 5 degrees Celsius temperature
  extraction 8 hours long time drip, can extract the coffee flavor.

Name: Coffee drip pot
Material: Glass + wood
Size: approx: 26*26*54 cm
Capacity: 600ml

How to use:
1. Add ice and cold water to the pot.
2. Clean the filter cotton sheet in the filter
3. Grind your coffee beans to fine consistency, and then add the coffee to the filter
4. Open the valve to adjust the flow of water.usually 40-60 drops per minute.

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