Barista Dosing & Precision Kit - 58mm

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CBC Dosing & Precision Kit - BLACK VERSION

(Kit consisting of 4 x Coffee Accessories)

The basic starter kit for Baristas of all skill levels. It's also the perfect kit for any new Cafe/Restaurant owner as it includes all coffee accessory necessities you need to begin your Coffee journey with.

Dose, tamp, extract....


The Coffee Bean Comrades Dosing & Precision Kit includes - 

1 x Stainless Steel Flat Base Tamper - 58 mm
1 x Distribution Tamper - 58mm
1 x Dosing Ring
1 x Dual Rest Tamper Mat


Get your hands on this basic starter kit so you too can perfect your Barista techniques and make flawless coffee every time.  

The CBC Dosing & Precision Kit includes a Dosing Ring which is an accessory which is made to sit on top of your Portafilter / Group handle basket to ensure all the coffee Ground which is dosed out of your Coffee Grinder is !00% distributed back into your Portafilter/Group Handle basket to ensure perfect consistency dosing every time.

The Distribution Tamper is used to ensure the Coffee inside the Portafilter/Group Handle Basket is evenly distributed around the basket  so that when we reach the final Tamping stage with our Flat Base Tamper we know we are going to get an accurate and precise perfect flat tamp.

The Dual Rest Tamper Mat lets you sit both Tampers in their allocated cylinder cut grooves.  The two half cylinder cut areas on the edge of the Mat give you a resting area for your Portafilter/Group Handle Head whilst you steadily Tamp your coffee.

Items included in Kit -

  • Basic Stainless Steel Tamper | 58mm | CBC Logo
  • Dosing Ring 
  • Rubber Tamper Mat | Dual Tamper Rest |
  • Distribution Tool | 58mm | CBC Logo

Colours - 

Classic Black - Available

Red - Available soon

Gold - Available 2020

Mixin' It Up - Available 2020

(Logo on products may vary, may appear differently in person)

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