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Make Pour Over / Filter coffee like a skilled Barista with this coffee Kettle from Barista Space.  Featuring a stocky body, easy to grip handle and gooseneck this kettle will help you on your way to mastering your Pour Over coffee brewing.

Featuring a gooseneck which assists you in pouring with precision and accuracy will mean you will be able to pour exactly the way you want to, to saturate your ground coffee for extraction.  Having this feature helps you by giving you absolute control of the water speed when carefully pouring over your ground coffee.

The wooden handle feature on the Barista Space 600ml kettle makes it comfortable to hold and grip onto as you pour your water with careful placement.

We recommend you use this kettle with an electric stove top or use water which you have freshly boiled by pouring it into the kettle.  

To make a great pour over or filtered coffee the recommended temperature is between 190 - 200 degrees fahrenheit so that it extracts the coffee perfectly. Anything below 190 degrees may not extract your coffee the best although if you were to adjust your grind slightly you could control the water temperature to extracting it at the rate you want to.

  • Colours: White, Black, Gold, Rose Gold
  • Brand: Barista Space
  • Capacity: 600ml
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel and Wood
  • Use: Commercial / Domestic use
  • Type: Coffee Kettle / Tea Kettle


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