La Pavoni PLH Professional Lever Style Espresso Machine - Chrome

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La Pavoni PLH Professional - Chrome

We know these days its essential to drink good coffee where ever you may be.  La Pavoni is never one to disappoint with its sleek designs and manual level style presence, it's the perfect Coffee Machine to have in the household or office.

Trusted brand and easy to use what more could you want!

Italian made and manufactured, this model La Pavoni has definitely stayed true to itself  by keeping its classic and old school way of  making coffee. The beauty about the model PLH is you can use both ground coffee or pods to make your coffee. 


How this La Pavoni Manual Lever Machine Works - 

1. Water is first added to the machine before it is switched on.  After the machine has heated up, you pack and tamp the coffee or add a pod as you would normally and raise the lever slowly all the way up to allow the water to infuse with the coffee by packing air and pressure inside the group.  

2. The lever is then lowered, by doing this it will force the water through the coffee into the cup. You can of course vary the speed at which the water passes through the coffee so the coffee is made to your desired taste preference. 

Steam jet:

it enables frothy, warm milk directly into your coffee as well as hot water into your tea or other hot beverages. *Interchangeable device for milk, attached to steam jet valve - the device is called “Cappuccino Automatic”.


Who is this machine suitable for

This machine can be used by anybody, get your coffee to the taste preference you desire, it is a manual lever machine after all so you call all the shots! Don't let this intimidate you at all as it is very easy to use and also not to mention has an extremely chic European body which you cant go past, it brings sass and elegance to any room.

  • Equipment Type: Coffee Machine
  • Style: Manual Lever
  • Body: Small / Counter Top Size
  • Colour: Chrome / Silver
  • Brand: La Pavoni
  • Model: PLH Professional
  • Manufactured/Made: Italy
  • Feature 1: Manual Pull Lever
  • Feature 2: Ground Coffee / Pod Compatible
  • Feature 3: Water / Milk Steam


** Product Manufactured and Imported from Italy.  

** One Year WARRANTY included

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