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53mm Diameter Tamper Set

Coffee Machine Tamper and Distributor Set are to be paired with smaller domestic style machines. 

The tamper diameter is smaller in size compared to most industrial coffee machine tampers.   This set is most popularly paired with domestic Breville machines which have a portafilter size of 54mm but not limited to pairing with other popular coffee machines which have a portafilter / group handle size for a 53mm diameter tamper.


Directions of use:

1, Holding the Portafilter / Group Handle in one hand and the distributor tamper in the other, tamp and spin or polish as some say over the coffee so that the ground coffee evenly distributes in the Portafilter so that we get proper and even coffee extraction.

2. Now pick up the flat based tamper and tamp how you usually would so that you have clean and compact ground coffee in your portafilter / group handle.  You are now ready for extraction!

Using this Tamper set ensures your shots are consistent and even everytime.  The last thing we want is to extract coffee that pours inconsistently in your glasses which visibly  shows that one shot is longer than the other,

  • Colour - Black
  • Material - Aluminium surface with 304 grade stainless steel
  • Use: Pair with Domestic coffee machines and some rare industrial machines
  • Size - 53mm
  • Whats in the set - 1 x 53mm diameter flat bass tamper & 1 x 53mm diameter distributor tamper, both black in colour 

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