D1 [2-in-1] Coffee Tamper Distribution Tool Set > Barista Space - 58mm

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Coffee Tamper Distribution Tool - D1 (2in1) Tamper By Barista Space

Colours: Black / Gold

Now you can make coffee and incorporate a little style into the works.

The D1 Coffee Distribution Tamper Tool is the perfect  2 in 1 tool.

- Use the angled side of the Tamper to ensure that your coffee in your Group Handle/Portafilter is evenly distributed in the basket.

- Use the flat side of the Distribution Tool to make sure you immaculately tamp all coffee ground nicely, firm and flat.  

Time to pump out that coffee!!!!

The D1 Tamper by Barista Space is definitely fitted with elegance and style.  With its aluminium body and solid shape it fits perfectly when gripping it with the inside of your hand / palm.  

The Distributor wedged like Stainless Steel 304 side works so ingeniously as it pushes the coffee around in the basket whilst you use the 'spin and polish' technique.  

The D1 Flat side is so sheik which perfects your last Tamping step before you start making those gorgeous cups of coffee.



To get the best out of your distributor side of the D1 Distribution Tamper, firstly tamp and push down on the coffee as you would with a normal Tamper and then spin and turn twice to polish and evenly distribute the coffee in the Group Handle / Portafilter basket. It has a wedged base and because of this it allows the coffee to be pushed and moved around to areas to make an evenly distributed surface. 

Use Flat side of the Tamper like normal.

Remember you can screw and adjust Tamper height to suit your preferential needs.


Diameter Size: 58mm



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