GATER Cold Drip Coffee Maker 400ml

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Stylish Cold Drip Maker made by GATER.  Cold Drip is another form of brewing which has been brought back from decades ago and made popular once again.
Why Cold Drip Coffee?
  • It's a more healthier alternative from normal Coffee Machine coffee.
  • It's less acidic and gives you the caffeine buzz without the crash.
  • It gives you energy which will make you feel clear and focused as your body processes the Cold Drip coffee in a different way, its a slower uptake kick from the normal sometimes harsh charge you get from regular coffee machine coffee.
  • Just all round pure goodness which treats your body well.
Cold Drip Coffee Process
- Making Cold Drip coffee is the process where course ground coffee is used and placed into the bottom end of the Cold Drip maker.
- Room temperature water is fed through the top of the drip and ice is used also if desired. Water slowly drips from the top to the bottom where the ground coffee is and continues to do so for hours on end till all the water from the top has finally passed through the ground coffee. 
- As this process is occuring the clean coffee brew sits separately at the bottom. - - The ready brew needs to be once strained to ensure its at a smooth consistency.
- After it has been strained, it's ready to be served and bottled. Yes it is a long process but its totally worth it. Cold Brew coffee is nothing like no other..... 
Patience is required for this brewing method, remember time is the essence! (10 - 24 hours is normal for most Cold Drip Coffee makers as this is a domestic coffee drip it will be less
  • Capacity: 0.45L
  • Brand Name: GATER
  • Type - Domestic
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 400ml

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