Splash Pattern Coffee Milk Pitcher - Barista Space Collection 1.0 Plus

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Splash Pattern Style Latte Pitcher By Barista Space - Collection 1.0 Plus

The Barista Space Collection 1.0 Plus is a slight upgrade from the first and original Collection 1.0.

There are a few differences in the Pitchers of this Plus collection if you're comparing the Pitchers from the previous original 1.0 collection. The Latte Pitchers in this newer collection have a wider handle so you can grasp your Pitcher with a better hand grip when pouring your Latte Art.  This handle design really comes down to personal preference, both collections are excellent.

The second difference is the colour finish on the Latte Pitcher, its shinier and bolder in colour. The Splash Pattern really is a great addition to the 1.0/1.0 Plus Collection.

Lastly, instead of the Barista Space Logo being present like previous collection it instead has "Barista Space"  boldly printed in font letters across the back of the handle which gives the jug a real confident and sassy look.  This 1.0 Plus Collection by Barista Space really is boasting a fantastic design. 

Barista Space never seems to disappoint us, their designs just get better and better!

These are the same jugs used by many top Barista's from around the world, It really isn't hard to see why the Pro's choose these Milk Jugs as their go to Pitchers.

  • Made of high quality stainless steel.
  • Thin and super light weight.
  • Spout made perfect for Latte Art.
  • Handle made big enough so you can get comfortable pouring from different angles and different ways.

Splash Pattern Jugs available in two sizes - 20 Oz (600ml) and 12Oz (350ml)

Weight: 0.3 kg (600ml) / 0.25kg (350ml)

Read our bio for a more visual insite on these Jugs >> https://cbcomrades.net/blogs/cbc-products/the-importance-of-using-the-correct-latte-pitcher-milk-jug


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